viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

It was a binary system; the black hole weighed in at ten solar masses, but was no wider than London. It was nothing; it was just a hole; it had dropped out of space and time; it had collapsed into its own universe. Its very nature prevented anyone from knowing what it was: unapproachable, unilluminable. Nothing is fast enough to scape from it. For mother earth the escape velocity is seven miles per second, for Jupiter thirty- seven miles per dwarf they found, the escape velocity is 4,900 miles per second. But for Cygnus X-1, the black swan, there is no escape velocity. Even light, which propagates at 186,287 miles per second, cannot escape from it. That´s what I am, she used to whisper to herself after sex. A black hole. Nothing can escape from me.

London Fields, by Martin Amis

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